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Leo Palace ResortAs one of Guam’s most highly recognized landscaping companies, LMS takes pride in serving our commercial and residential clients’ needs. With involvement in projects such as the Tumon Bay Beautification Project and the ground maintenance of Andersen Air Force Base, our company makes every concerted effort to provide world-class landscaping services to both the local government and military installations. We are also proud to provide our services to residential homeowners who share our same passion of landscape design and architecture.  

LMS History

Established in 1994, Landscape Management Systems, Inc. (LMS) has served at the forefront of landscaping services on Guam. The company provides services to private and public sectors as well as the residential community on island. Currently the company offers landscape installation, maintenance, and renovation services and also serves as a real estate and business consultation firm.

With our on-site 5-acre nursery, LMS houses more than 500 different species of both indigenous and introduced plants found on island and throughout the Marianas.  Because of the company’s supply of native plants, we have most recently been contracted to provide more than 100 of these indigenous species for the US Air Force’s restoration protect at Ritidian Point.

LMS Basic Services

  • Ground maintenance
  • Design and construction of irrigation systems
  • Landscape installation, maintenance, and renovation
  • Real-estate permits
  • Business consulting (i.e. Leo Palace Resort, Underwater observatory, and Japan Airlines for Cocos Island)
  • Installation of ponds, pools, pumps, and drainage systems
  • Pesticide/Herbicide Applications by licensed team members 

Robert Salas, CEO

As the owner, director, and general manager of LMS Guam Bob has conceived the idea of and launched the first professional landscape design company on Guam. Since the establishment of LMS, Bob has assembled a 5-acre nursery with over 500 species of plants, consulted on numerous real estate projects on island, and has partnered with a number of on-island and off-island businesses for development on Guam.

With more than 20 years of experience in the area of architect and landscape, Bob has built LMS to the success it has become today. Prior to gaining complete ownership of LMS, Bob worked for the Guam Department of Land Management from 1979 to 1986. While at DLM he worked as a professional surveyor on a vast number of projects across the island.

LMS Warehouse Facility

Bob Salas, LMS Owner

From 1986 to 1994 he was a self-employed developer and contractor. During his time he was able to hone his real estate and business consulting skills as he worked with major developers such as Sumitomo Construction Co., and Kumangaigumi Construction Co. It was also during this time that Bob was able to identify and negotiate the purchase of land in Manenggon Hills for the development of the LeoPalace Resort Guam.  He also worked with the developers of the Mangilao Golf Course, Piti Underwater Observatory (Fish Eye), and the Cocos Island Resort.

Today, Bob still resides on the beautiful island of Guam with his wife Delta and his two sons Robert II and Randy.

Professional Associations

  • Commission to Get Guam Working!
  • Guam Contractors Association
  • Guam Chamber of Commerce
  • Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association
  • American Landscape Construction Association
  • Southern Nursery Men Association
  • Associated Landscape Contractors of America
  • Chinese Association of Guam

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